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Assalaamu Alaikum Wa raghmatullahi Wa Barakatu

All praises are due to Allah Subhanallahi Wa Ta’aalah. Choicest blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. As we know from the authentic saying of Rasul S.A.W. it is compulsory upon every male and female to seek knowledge of deen.

 We at Al-Rawdah Al-Muhammadiya request your esteemed assistance with funding to complete our vision.

In South Africa there is a great need for an institution that provides our deeni scholars with a secular education so that they do not become dependent on the masaajid for an income. It is mainly due to this gap that many scholars prefer employment in the corporate world as the meager standard income of an imam has led to the mosques being empty. It is an unfortunate reality that due to the fact that many imams have only lower level secular education they are disregarded , they have to make do with very little income and are unable to cover their cost of living leave alone further their education due to their limited income.

 It is with this in mind that we aim to provide not only various Islamic courses in Hifdh,Aaalim and Imaamat but to supplement this noble calling with a skills development programme providing comprehensive courses across various areas of expertise. Upon completing a course at our institute one would also be leaving with a certificate in atleast one profession. This is with the aim to better improve the standard of living and education of our shuyukh so that they are better equipped an able to serve Islam and spread the knowledge of deen. South Africa is a developing country and due to majority of the country living below the breadline this will be an excellent way in which to spread Islam as well as educate the youth. We aim to set the groundwork for future ulama. By the will of Allah SWT this will be our flagship institute with many more to follow in each major city in S.A. and eventually all over Africa.

As is part of every Islamic organistation, we aim to provide our services not only to muslim students but students of any race or religion as a part of our objective towards Dawah, we will also be sending our scholars to various locations on Dawah programmes

This has become an utmost necessity in our current situation.We aim to also have some sort of sustainability at the institute to assist with the daily running expenses, however, though we are in the process of laying the groundwork, we are still far off from having the funds to complete the building and humbly request your assistance.

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